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Spinning out at 95 mph

Reno-Fernley course map

I was at the NCRC trackday at Reno-Fernley Raceway last weekend when I got some first hand experience of what happens in a high speed spin. I was coming down the front straight at well over 100 mph and slowed slightly to take the esses that make up turn 1. Now on the track map they may look like fairly severe turns but in actual fact you just lift a little bit to settle the car at the end of the straight before flooring it though S bends. On this particular lap I came in a little hotter than on my previous runs and just after i made it though turn 1 (but before 1A) the back end came around and I flew off the track at 95 mph.… Read the rest

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Recording in-car video for free

I am a great fan of in-car video during HPDEs. It is a great tool to analyze your performance and see how different lines have affected you laptimes – works even better when you have a DL1 or some other data logger. In-car video is also a great way to give people an idea of what its like to track a car and maybe even understand you keep grinning from ear to ear after each event.

However when I see the average setup (for an Elise) at an HPDE it looks to go one of two ways

1) The full on treatment: This is a full on video system that gives you the best quality video and audio and will usually record several hours without any issues.… Read the rest

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The Tesla Roadster – the perfect Elise?

I had the opportunity to visit Tesla Motors on a tour organized by SFF1 and would like to write up some of my thoughts about the company, its technology and their first car. This is going to be from the point of view of a petrol head engineer who daily drives an Elise – take it how you will :-).

In case you haven’t heard of Tesla, on account of the rock you have been living under for the last 6 months, it is a Bay Area automotive startup that is designing and building the Tesla Roadster which will be the worlds first mass produced electric sports car.… Read the rest

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A year in pictures [Orig posted: 23/10/2006]

My Elise just turned 1 – I have a had a great time and have met some really cool people. Here is to another fun year.

6-Dec-2005: Take Delivery at SVAG

ZoneTag Photo 15:55:54 PST

10-Dec-2005: Break-in: drove from SF to LA down Highway 1 😀

ZoneTag Photo 11:09:53 PST

11-Dec-2005: LA Sunday Drive


24-Dec-2005: Lotus Section of Crystal Cove

ZoneTag Photo 10:09:59 PST

31-Dec-2005: Spend New Years Eve watching the sunset at the 17 mile drive

A Lotus sunset

1-Jan-06: Celebrate the new year with my very first track day at Laguna Seca(see how far I am from the apex 🙂

Laguna Seca

9-Jan-06: A long line of Elises at the GGLC/Club111 drive

A long line of Elises

14-Jan-06: Standoff

Standoff v 2.0

5-Feb-06: 6000 miles in 60 days

6000 miles in 60 days

20-Feb-06: Tackling the Corkscrew at the GGLC track day (actually hitting the apex this time).… Read the rest

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Reno-Fernley Raceway track weekend [Orig posted: 09/09/2006]

Reno-Fernley course map

I spent the weekend of Aug 26-27 at a track weekend at Reno-Fernley Raceway with TEAM racing. It was my first time with both the track and the organization and I must say I had a great time. RFR is a terrific track containing both (Elise friendly) twisty bits and some long straights (not so Elise friendly). There are some blind corners that require quite a bit of commitment but if you once get the layout down it is a very rewarding experience. Turns 3 through 11 in particular are my favorite portion of the track where you have to manage you throttle carefully to stay under the rev limiter and on-cam through the entire section.… Read the rest