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Another year in pictures

Since my car just turned two years old I figured it was time to write a follow-up to the original year in pictures post.

30 Dec 06: Another trip to LA down Highway 1. Tons of pics here.

17 Feb 07: Visited the Tesla factory and saw the latest roadster to be built at Hethel.

24 Feb 07: Start the track season at Thunderhill with TEAM

1 Apr 07: East Bay Etalk Brunch

24 Apr 07: Met Crudson and JnC on their cross country trip

12 May 07: Had a 95 mph spin at Reno-Fernley Raceway
Never lift!!!

15 June 07: A photo of my car (post spin) is used by the SCCA for an ad in Sportscar magazine
My first magazine photo

16-27 June 07: 2500 mile roadtrip to Vancouver
Friday 1:16 am 6/22/07 Vancouver,

12 Aug 07: Broke down on Highway 1 with no cell service.… Read the rest

A year in pictures [Orig posted: 23/10/2006]

My Elise just turned 1 – I have a had a great time and have met some really cool people. Here is to another fun year.

6-Dec-2005: Take Delivery at SVAG

ZoneTag Photo 15:55:54 PST

10-Dec-2005: Break-in: drove from SF to LA down Highway 1 😀

ZoneTag Photo 11:09:53 PST

11-Dec-2005: LA Sunday Drive


24-Dec-2005: Lotus Section of Crystal Cove

ZoneTag Photo 10:09:59 PST

31-Dec-2005: Spend New Years Eve watching the sunset at the 17 mile drive

A Lotus sunset

1-Jan-06: Celebrate the new year with my very first track day at Laguna Seca(see how far I am from the apex 🙂

Laguna Seca

9-Jan-06: A long line of Elises at the GGLC/Club111 drive

A long line of Elises

14-Jan-06: Standoff

Standoff v 2.0

5-Feb-06: 6000 miles in 60 days

6000 miles in 60 days

20-Feb-06: Tackling the Corkscrew at the GGLC track day (actually hitting the apex this time).… Read the rest