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Google Glass needs a Personal Video Loop

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Google Glass at the moment and so far I havent seen anything to make me want to rush out and buy a pair (although I reserve judgement till I actually play with one). One of the things getting a lot of attention is the ability to record hands-free video which in my opinion is over-rated. I’m basing this on in-car video recorders (and more recently dashcams) that people have been using to record hands free video while driving for years. I have been using a variety of different setups to capture in-car video over the years and have found that while its very cool at first, it’s quite rare to go back to look at the video.… Read the rest

Amazing audio quality of the Nokia N900

The fact that I have been using various Nokia phones and attending multiple Iron Maiden concerts (5 at last count) over the years led me to this amazing demonstration of the improving audio quality of Nokia cameraphones. While I have been a big fan of the N95 camera but I always complained about the audio quality when recording video in loud environments. This video that I recorded at the Iron Maiden show in Concord in 2008 shows how the N95 struggled with clipping and noise issues when the environment was too loud.

Now fast forward 2 years and I went to another Iron Maiden show in Concord a few weeks ago with an N900 and recorded the following video clip.… Read the rest

The ultimate mobile search experience (a.k.a Foodfinder lives)

The folks at Yahoo oneSearch just announced the new oneSearch Shortcut application with a new auto-locate feature that determines the users location using cell-tower positioning and wi-fi triangulation. This combines with the existing voice search and oneSearch clusters to create what is in my opinion the best mobile search experience in the business (especially on Nokia S60 devices). Read on for a quick description of the user experience:

oneSearch Shortcut
The Shortcut application starts off by showing you a small text entry field on the idle-screen of you mobile phone. The text field has a small note telling you to hold down the “Call” button and speak.… Read the rest

Attending Nokia Open Lab 2008

I am going to heading to Helsinki for Nokia Open Lab 2008 which is being organized by the folks at WOM World. While the exact program hasn’t been nailed down yet, the invite does sound interesting:

Nokia Open Lab, held in Helsinki, is an event with the aim of provoking global discussion on a mobile future.

The event is the first of its kind hosted by Nokia, where an invited set of social media participants from bloggers to forum members and everyone in between will be taking part in workshops that will focus on the future of mobile and co-creation of media.

Read the rest

Nokia N810 Tablet Review

I am a big fan of the Nokia N800 and use it quite frequently as a video player and RSS reader when I am on the go. The addition of a slide-out keyboard for the Nokia N810 made it a very desirable device and I was very excited when the folks at WOM World lent me a test device to play with for a few weeks. As luck would have it, I got the device just before a short trip to Atlanta and so I decided to give the N810 a real work out to see if it could replace my laptop.… Read the rest

How good is the N95 camera?

I was recently at the WOM World get-together in SF when we started discussing the some of the ways that Nokia should market the N-series devices, specifically the N95 vs iPhone issue. One of the things we all agreed on was that the camera on the N95 is a huge differentiator that Nokia really hasn’t been pushing as much as it should. People are so used to seeing crappy photos from devices like the Razr and the iPhone that they dont expect phones to have good cameras. I, on the other hand, have been using various variants of the N95 for well over a year and the camera is so good that I can honestly say that I will never buy a point-and-shoot camera again.… Read the rest

Tutorial on Nokia N95 3G connection sharing (Mac OS X and N800 Maemo)

I’ve recently had the pleasure of using a N95 8GM NAM (N95-4) that was provided to me by Nokia as part of the WOM World program. I actually have both the original N95 and an N95 8GB (N95-2) but both of them are euro 3G which meant that I was stuck at EDGE speeds on US AT&T network. I’ve had a couple of weeks to play with the device and the big differentiator was of course the blazing fast internet speeds (see the speed test results below). Uploading ZoneTag photos and seeing Zurfer images was so fast that I would just continue using the 3G network even when I had an available WiFi access point.… Read the rest

Yet another video chat tutorial for the Nokia N800 (OS2008)

One of the most popular entries on my blog is my video chat tutorial for the N800. Unfortunately Nokia has since ceased its support for their Nokia Internet Call application on the N95 and as a result there was no way for N800 users to video chat with a desktop user. After several months of fiddling around and tying out several different options I am glad to say that I have finally figured out the process and managed to make N800 to PC video calls using the Gizmo project. The video quality is not as good as it used to be with the Internet Call application, but as you can see below, unlike IC, it actually works so that does makes it a winner.… Read the rest

Installing the Nokia N800 OS2008 Software update (swap key issues)

The official instructions for entering the “Install mode” on the Nokia N800 OS2008 Software update are incorrect. The Internet Tablet Software Update Wizard will tell you to enter the update mode by boot the device while holding the “swap” key down – this will show the USB icon on the top right corner for 2-3 seconds after which the tablet will quit the install mode and continue booting. What you should actually do is hold the “Home” key (the one with a house icon) down during bootup which will put it into the sustained install mode that is needed for the software update wizard to do its magic.… Read the rest