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Amazing audio quality of the Nokia N900

The fact that I have been using various Nokia phones and attending multiple Iron Maiden concerts (5 at last count) over the years led me to this amazing demonstration of the improving audio quality of Nokia cameraphones. While I have been a big fan of the N95 camera but I always complained about the audio quality when recording video in loud environments. This video that I recorded at the Iron Maiden show in Concord in 2008 shows how the N95 struggled with clipping and noise issues when the environment was too loud.

Now fast forward 2 years and I went to another Iron Maiden show in Concord a few weeks ago with an N900 and recorded the following video clip.… Read the rest

Got my tickets

The Trooper

I just used the Iron Maiden Fanclubs internet pre-sale to score some tickets to two shows from the Somewhere Back in Time tour. I will be in the pit at San Antonio (May 21) and in the Orchestra seats at Irvine (May 31). If all goes well I will also be getting pit tickets for the May 28th show at Concord. While these should be Maiden concerts #3, 4 and 5 for me, this will be the first time I will get to experience the pit at a Maiden show.

Up the Irons!!! 😀… Read the rest