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Attending Nokia Open Lab 2008

I am going to heading to Helsinki for Nokia Open Lab 2008 which is being organized by the folks at WOM World. While the exact program hasn’t been nailed down yet, the invite does sound interesting:

Nokia Open Lab, held in Helsinki, is an event with the aim of provoking global discussion on a mobile future.

The event is the first of its kind hosted by Nokia, where an invited set of social media participants from bloggers to forum members and everyone in between will be taking part in workshops that will focus on the future of mobile and co-creation of media.

The event’s benchmarks of learning for both the attendees and Nokia include how social interactions and technological interactivity affect us. The workshops will also focus on issues such as how everyone will utilize these new technologies and how the most benefit for all will come about.

Since it is an event for “social media participants” they have already created a wiki and a FaceBook event. It should be a fun event and I look forward to meeting the rest of the folks.

In honour of the event I have hacked together a ZoneTag action tag which will allow me to post selected ZoneTag Flickr images to my twitter stream and also set my FaceBook status. If this experiment goes well I’ll eventually open the action tag up to all ZoneTag users.

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