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My first magazine article just came out in IEEE Multimedia:

ZoneTag’s Collaborative Tag Suggestions: What is This Person Doing in My Phone?
Mor Naaman and Rahul Nair

A huge thanks to my co-author Mor for both the paper and the title of this blog post :-).

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Congrats Rahul. Btw, What does the ‘Zone’ in ZoneTag mean, looking at the short abstract, I am left wondering what does a photo-share app do with Zones, unless of course, if the app tags the photo automatically based on the location info from the phone. Is that what it does?…

what other goodies are there?… Minority Report like zooming and rotating on a touch screen phone!!!… does it run on all smart-phones or just a few? Is there a beta or something that can I run on my iphone?

Thanks Man. The ZoneTag name was a wierd wordplay on tagging zones – I never really understood how it worked but that was what the group wanted to use. The app does automatically geotag the photo with location from either cell tower or GPS and it also suggests tags based on your location and past tagging history. Runs on Series 60 Nokia phones as well as some Motorolas.

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