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Back up and Running

Celebrating the fact that the Seven is up and running with an autocross video from Marina. The car still has an intermittent misfire that I am trying to iron out but it is running well so far.
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videos WCM Ultralite S2k

Setting Up a Seven – When things just work

I have made a long list of modifications to the Seven since my last blog update which I still need to document on here. In the meantime I wanted to share this video from the GGLC autocross on Saturday (watch in fullscreen).

The Seven may be unreliable, impractical and difficult to live with but the few days like this when everything works are absolutely worth the hassle. Incidentally we found the reason for the surging idle it ended up that I couldn’t drive the car for the rest of the day 🙂… Read the rest

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Health benefits of Autocrossing

At the last GGLC autocross Alex and I decided to try out a little experiment to see how your heart rate changes during the race. We used a Polar S720i to record his heart rate, an iPhone for video and a DL1 data logger to record G-force and speed readings. I used some simple PHP magic to sync the two data files together and used the Chasecam Dashware system to create this finished video.

You can see the speed, heart rate (BPM), longitudinal G (acceleration + braking) and lateral G in the dashboard on the top of the video. His average heart rate was in the low nineties while on the grid and rises to to 101 just before the start of the run.… Read the rest

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2nd fastest time of the day

My prize for the second fastest time of the day at the opening GGLC Autocross of the season.

My prize for the second fastest time of the day

I ran a 53.139 and was only beaten by a race-prepped Evo running slicks. The prizes did not include the instructors times though I was actually faster than all but 3 (Jason and Alex on RA1s and Rob on slicks) of them as well. My goal for the season is to beat Alex with the added incentive that I will be upgraded to instructor if I do – seeing that I already beat his time in the morning session yesterday I am pretty confident I can do it again.… Read the rest

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GGLC Autocross

Some in-car video from yesterdays GGLC autocross in Marina.

The first video is my fast lap for the day. I don’t slow enough after the slalom and understeer into a cone. I still end up doing a 40.1 (+1).

Fast lap from rnair on Vimeo.

The second video is from my last run of the day where I am sideways on at least 3 occasions. It was a slow run (41.6), but great fun nonetheless 😀

A very sideways lap from rnair on Vimeo.

The last video is Nithyas best run (46.5) of the day in the GTI. For someone who almost backed out of her first event, she is becoming very good at this.… Read the rest