2nd fastest time of the day

My prize for the second fastest time of the day at the opening GGLC Autocross of the season.

My prize for the second fastest time of the day

I ran a 53.139 and was only beaten by a race-prepped Evo running slicks. The prizes did not include the instructors times though I was actually faster than all but 3 (Jason and Alex on RA1s and Rob on slicks) of them as well. My goal for the season is to beat Alex with the added incentive that I will be upgraded to instructor if I do – seeing that I already beat his time in the morning session yesterday I am pretty confident I can do it again. I just feel sorry for my future students 😀

Thanks to norcalturbo for this photo of me from the morning session.

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  1. Since when did the tech geek become a race freak. On a serious note tough, it is heartening to see you follow your heart and do things most people don’t get to do. Good luck.

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