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How good is the N95 camera?

I was recently at the WOM World get-together in SF when we started discussing the some of the ways that Nokia should market the N-series devices, specifically the N95 vs iPhone issue. One of the things we all agreed on was that the camera on the N95 is a huge differentiator that Nokia really hasn’t been pushing as much as it should. People are so used to seeing crappy photos from devices like the Razr and the iPhone that they dont expect phones to have good cameras. I, on the other hand, have been using various variants of the N95 for well over a year and the camera is so good that I can honestly say that I will never buy a point-and-shoot camera again.… Read the rest

Lotus Elise Supercharged

Chris Harris review the new Supercharged Lotus Elise – me wants to upgrade 🙂

Harris is one of the best automotive reporters out there – he strikes an excellent balance between the humour of Jeremy Clarkson and the driving ability of Tiff Needell. If you liked that review I highly recommend the Chris on Camera series where he reviews a different car every week. … Read the rest

Video chat on the Nokia N800 internet tablet (tutorial)

Update: The Internet Video Call application described in this post has been discontinued by Nokia and does not work any more. To do a video chat on the N800 please read my new tutorial on how to video chat using the Gizmo Project.

I recently attended Mobile Mashup 2007 and was thrilled to find that all attendees were being given an N800 Internet Tablet. I have been following the hype on the N800 for a while and while most people have been raving about it being the ultimate rss reader and the perfect coffee table web browser, I have intrigued by the video chat possibilities.… Read the rest

Recording in-car video for free

I am a great fan of in-car video during HPDEs. It is a great tool to analyze your performance and see how different lines have affected you laptimes – works even better when you have a DL1 or some other data logger. In-car video is also a great way to give people an idea of what its like to track a car and maybe even understand you keep grinning from ear to ear after each event.

However when I see the average setup (for an Elise) at an HPDE it looks to go one of two ways

1) The full on treatment: This is a full on video system that gives you the best quality video and audio and will usually record several hours without any issues.… Read the rest

The Tesla Roadster – the perfect Elise?

I had the opportunity to visit Tesla Motors on a tour organized by SFF1 and would like to write up some of my thoughts about the company, its technology and their first car. This is going to be from the point of view of a petrol head engineer who daily drives an Elise – take it how you will :-).

In case you haven’t heard of Tesla, on account of the rock you have been living under for the last 6 months, it is a Bay Area automotive startup that is designing and building the Tesla Roadster which will be the worlds first mass produced electric sports car.… Read the rest

How to install WordPress on a GoDaddy account

I’ve always been hesitant to host my own blog because I imagined that it would be a truly painful process. I finally took the plunge last week and decided to set up a blog on my existing GoDaddy account. I followed Mels tutorial on “How to install WordPress on a GoDaddy account” and was quite literally done in 5 minutes. The only thing I had issues with was getting the Date & Name permalinks to work because the install did not create a htacess file. The workaround was to upload a 1 byte htaccess file to the WordPress root directory and CHMOD it to 666 – once that was done my blog was ready to go.… Read the rest