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Nokia N810 Tablet Review

I am a big fan of the Nokia N800 and use it quite frequently as a video player and RSS reader when I am on the go. The addition of a slide-out keyboard for the Nokia N810 made it a very desirable device and I was very excited when the folks at WOM World lent me a test device to play with for a few weeks. As luck would have it, I got the device just before a short trip to Atlanta and so I decided to give the N810 a real work out to see if it could replace my laptop.… Read the rest

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Video chat on the Nokia N800 internet tablet (tutorial)

Update: The Internet Video Call application described in this post has been discontinued by Nokia and does not work any more. To do a video chat on the N800 please read my new tutorial on how to video chat using the Gizmo Project.

I recently attended Mobile Mashup 2007 and was thrilled to find that all attendees were being given an N800 Internet Tablet. I have been following the hype on the N800 for a while and while most people have been raving about it being the ultimate rss reader and the perfect coffee table web browser, I have intrigued by the video chat possibilities.… Read the rest

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The Tesla Roadster – the perfect Elise?

I had the opportunity to visit Tesla Motors on a tour organized by SFF1 and would like to write up some of my thoughts about the company, its technology and their first car. This is going to be from the point of view of a petrol head engineer who daily drives an Elise – take it how you will :-).

In case you haven’t heard of Tesla, on account of the rock you have been living under for the last 6 months, it is a Bay Area automotive startup that is designing and building the Tesla Roadster which will be the worlds first mass produced electric sports car.… Read the rest