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One lap of Reno-Fernley Raceway (N95 video)

Lap of Reno-Fernley Raceway (Nokia N95) from rnair on Vimeo

I finally got around to editing and uploading some of the video* I recorded during my last trackday. This was the first time I was using the Nokia N95 and I had high expectations from the high-rez camera. As you can see over here the video quality is dramatically better than my past recordings from the N73. I have been planning on getting a ChaseCam PDR setup for a while but now that I can get such excellent video from the phone I think I will stick to my homebrew cellphone setup. There are still some issues with vibration on the high speed straights but I am confident that I can fix that adding a layer of padding (tissue/cloth) to the phone before taping it to the car.

*This video is only to show quality of the recording – the driving still needs some work 🙂

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