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She’s here [Orig posted: 07/12/2005]

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Selling my Miata [Orig posted: 27/10/2005]

After spending a week without a car I have finally decided to sell my Miata even before my Elise arrives. I was hoping that I would be able to keep her around as a beater but I just cant justify the cost of insuring and maintaining two cars at the same timeImage. Here is the text of my Craigslist advert (


I have finally decided to part with my much loved 99 Miata. I was hoping to keep her forever and have spared no expense in keeping her top condition. This car has given me great plaseure over the last 2.5 years and I hope that someone who enjoys miatas as much as me.… Read the rest

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Boxster Vs Elise [Orig posted: 05/07/2005]

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I’ve finally taken the plunge and ordered a brand new 2006 Lotus Elise. I’ve been waiting to buy a hot new car for a while and had some very simple needs – a great handling 2 seater convertible that makes me feel GOOD!!!

I considered several cars but in the end it came down to a shootout between a Lotus Elise and a Porsche Boxster S. Despite the fact that these aren’t two cars that traditionally compete in the same category, it was an incredible difficult decision and came down to the following points.

Lotus Elise
– Goes like Stink (0-60 in 4.7 sec)
– Handles like a gokart
– Is a true racers car, not some rich mans plaything
– Sounds truly glorious
– Looks like a supercar
– Is the pinnacle of the small philosophy that created the Miata
– Bargain of the century (Speed for the Price)
– Its a LOTUSImage

– Impractical (small interior, lousy trunk space)
– Harsh ride
– Difficult getting in and out – no woman in a skirt will ever get in
– 6 month waiting list

Porsche Boxster
– Also very fast
– Luxurious
– Relaxing to drive until you floor it and it just takes off
– Much more practical – has more trunk space than my Miata
– Available for instant delivery

– Not as fast or agile as the Elise
– Much more expensive
– Are a Dime a dozen in the Bay Area
– Obligatory Top Gear quote: “the only reason why you’d buy a Boxster is because you couldnt afford 911… so all you do when you are driving around in this is advertise the fact your life hasnt worked out quite as well as you’d been hoping… ” Image

In the end it the Elise won out because it was
a) Cheaper
b) Incredible fun
c) The car I always wanted
d) Lower depreciation
e) Now is the only time I can drive it-in 5-10 years I be too old to put up with the hassle
f) Its a LOTUS.… Read the rest

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Started work at Yahoo [Orig posted: 03/06/2005]


I have officially started work at Yahoo! My orientation was on the 31st on May. You may now call me a Technical Yahoo!… Read the rest

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GPS mapping tools [Orig posted: 03/06/2005]

I have been spending a lot of time looking for various bits of software that will allow me to visually inspect the huge GPS dataset we have collected as part of the MMM project. Here is a quick listing of software that will hopefully save someone else some time 🙂

1)USAPhotomaps: a freeware tool written by Doug Cox that will display GPS route and waypoint information over maps and aerial photos that it downloads from the USGS and the MS Terraserver. It also can display USGS points of interest along with TIGER streets information. A triumph of freeware with available source code though no licensing information is mentioned.Read the rest