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Selling my Miata [Orig posted: 27/10/2005]

After spending a week without a car I have finally decided to sell my Miata even before my Elise arrives. I was hoping that I would be able to keep her around as a beater but I just cant justify the cost of insuring and maintaining two cars at the same timeImage. Here is the text of my Craigslist advert (


I have finally decided to part with my much loved 99 Miata. I was hoping to keep her forever and have spared no expense in keeping her top condition. This car has given me great plaseure over the last 2.5 years and I hope that someone who enjoys miatas as much as me. Price $6500


Make: Mazda
Model: Miata MX-5
Year: 1999
Color: Silver
Transmission: Manual 5 speed
Mileage: 114k miles
Interior: Leather
Power windows
Nardi Steering wheel
Pioneer Premier MP3 CD player
Pioneer speakers
Rebuilt transmission (4k miles ago, slow bearing failure)
Toyo T-1S tires
New alternator
25-27 mpg


Second owner
Smogged in July this year
I have full records for the last 37k miles
60K service + timing belt was performed at 78k miles
30K service done at 106k miles
Oil changed every 3k miles
Servied only at Mazda specialist mechanics – MazCare (Atlanta) & P.R.Motorsport (Hayward)
Mostly highway miles
Never tracked
Car is parked off street under a Covercraft “Noah” cover and waxed every few weeks
non-smoking owner

Roof patch
There is a 14 inch rip (vandalism) in the roof that I patched myself using fishing line and liquid rubber. This has lasted more than 5 months during which I have driven and parked the car in rain with no leaks.

Rahul Nair
(510) XXX-XXXX

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