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Track day #3 (GGLC – Laguna Seca) [Orig posted: 27/02/2006]

Laguna Seca telemetry

The picture was generated using GPS readings that I took at one of my track sessions. As you can see I really need to get some more confidence and put in some consisten lines through turns 8-10. I am taking the corkscrew (turn 8) pretty well for a beginner but turns 9 and 10 are confidence turns and I just dont have that confidence in me and my car yet.

I am starting to get a hang of it and my lines did improve quite a bit over the course of the day. Jason (Enigma on Elisetalk) took me out for a session in his Elise which showed me what the car can do. He was generating a sustained 1.6 G through turn 9 Image. I dont think I’ll be going that fast anytime soon but its nice to know that I have a pretty good safety margin when I go out on track.

Pics (courtesy Nithya Selvaraj) of the track day are on Flickr at

Video of Jasons lap (~25 MB wmv)

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