Car Pickup

After a couple of weeks of frantic paper writing things have finally cooled down enough that I can go back to writing my blog. First on the list is a series of blog posts about our preparation for the 24 hours of Lemons. Sit back and enjoy the fun. 🙂

The first and most important thing we needed to run in the Lemons was a car, not just any car, but a car that we’d be able to buy AND prep for for under $500. Looking through the results of the first race we decided that an older japanese econobox would probably be the best car to run with. We were all set to rummage through the local junkyard when fate suddenly dropped a car in our lap. One of Robs friends had an old BMW with a broken timing belt that was blocking his driveway – he told us that as long as we get the car out of his way immediately we could keep the car for free. We quickly showed up at his door to take a look at the car.

We found that the car was a 4 door 1986 BMW 325 E with 245 thousand miles on the clock. The E denoted that it had the economy engine, this meant lower horsepower but higher torque which should be ideal for the tight Altamont circuit. The car itself was in better shape that I expected, the paint was peeling from 21 years of exposure and he interior was a mess but there was very little rust and the engine “looked” ok with the timing belt being the only obvious problem. Being an E30 meant that the parts were cheap and bolt-in rollcages were readily available. People who had entered the last race had warned us that non-running cars were a huge time sink, but the fact that the car was available and free meant that there was only one thing to do. We rolled the car into Robs trailer and made it our official entry into the Lemons race.

More photos of the car pickup in the Flickr set.

P.S.: We are not cheating by getting a “free” car, the KBB value for a 1986 325E in fair condition is $400 – a non-running car is worth almost nothing.
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