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We’re in!

I am a huge fan of the 24 Hours of Lemons and am glad to announce that Team SFF1 has officially been accepted into the Arse-Freeze-Apalooza race to be held in Alatamont on 20-21 October. My co-drivers will be Guy Argo, Rob Dietsch, Gabriel Matus and Jyri Virkki. Since we are going to be racing an 1986 MW 325E we decided to go for a BMW F1 based team concept. Check out our accepted team concept and application:

Team Name
SFF1 BMW Sauber

Vechicle Make & model:
2008 BMW Sauber F1.08 aka renovated 1986 BMW 325 E with a broken timing belt and bent valves

Team Concept
After a fast, though unreliable, start to the 2007 Formula 1 championship, the BMW Sauber F1 team has decided that they need additional preseason testing to properly prepare the 2008 F1 car. After developing the initial chassis in secret, the SFF1 test team has been entrusted with performing much needed endurace testing by entering the car in the prestigious 24 hours of Lemons race. With a team of internationally reknowned drivers and backed by a full works pitcrew, the SFF1 team is expected to both compete successfully and gain valuable data to help the car compete for the 2008 F1 season.

Team Drivers
Guy Argo

Guy Argo
In Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart, Scotland has produced two of the greatest drivers to ever race in Formula 1. However after the heady days of the sixties and seventies there haven’t been any true scottish champions – Guy Argo should change all that. He started autocrossing two months after getting his license and one month after taking delivery of his ’92 special edition Mazda Miata. Two months later he won his first autocross. He started indoor go-karting in 2000 and became part of the famous trio (Guy Argo, David Canavan, Paul Smyth) that dominated F1Boston’s indoor racing scene. In 2002 he transitioned to outdoor karts with a sponsored ride for All Kart. He took a brief hiatus after moving to the Bay Area. But as soon as opened up, he was already making his mark on the Pro League with several podiums and an outright season win. Currently you can find him testing his mettle against all comers atthe Sunday Night Leagues in Fremont alongside his protege, Jay Gopal. Reknowned for his patience, cunning and spectacular passing, what he lacks in speed he makes up for in consistency and determination. We await his return to outdoor racing with bated breath.

Robert Dietsch

Robert Dietsch
Rob Dietsch has been involved in motorsport since the late 80’s doing a variety of AutoX and HPDE before graduating to club racing. After winning the SCCA SFR GT4 championship in his rookie year (2003) he progessed to Toyota Atlantic and had a fairly good season before taking a sabbatical from racing. Currently tracking his Lotus Elise and Porsche Cayman at NorCal HPDE, he has been tempted back to the world of competitve motorsport by the chance to go after the ultimate prize – the 24 hours of Lemons.

Gabriel Matus

Gabriel Matus
With the exit of Juan Pablo Montoya, F1 needs another Latin heathrob to bring F1 to Latin America. With his playboy looks and fierce racing determination, Gabriel has all the ingredients needed to become the next Latino Superstar of Formula 1. One of the main organizers behind the SFF1 group, his endurance driving experience includes commuting from San Francisco to Sunnyvale everyday.

Rahul Nair

Rahul Nair
1 billion people and the best India can come up with Narain Kartikeyan??? Rahul Nair expects to redress that balance by merging raw speed with tactical brilliance to become the first Indian to win in F1. This speed freak can spends as much of his life behind the wheel as he can. He has 2 years of HPDE and Autocross experience in his Lotus and is a regular fixture in the bay area go-kart tracks.

Jyri Virkki

Jyri Virkki
Where would any F1 team be without a “Flying Finn”? Jyri brings with him the same ice-cool personality that saw Keke Rosberg, Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikkonen win dozens of F1 races and 3 world championships. A Miata addict, he has been running track events since the mid-90s and instructing for about 9 years (currently instructing with Miata clubs, Thunderhill Street School and BMWCCA).

Car Chassis



Pit Crew

Crew chief: Mario Theissen

Mario Theissen
Jack Man: Ron Dennis

Ron Dennis

Communications: Jean Todt

Jean Todt

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[…] All in all it was a great event and I am seriously trying to get an official SFF1 entry together for the October race (UPDATE: We just got accepted into the October event) – wish me luck. In the meantime you can look at a video I shot as well as some photos of my favourite cars. I have posted the full collection of photos on Flickr though you will probably be better off looking at the excellent photoset that Nithya just posted. […]

Hey RN..way to go dude. Looks like the Bimmer is hot and smoking ready to roll out..Hopefully the radiator wud survive the test for >10 hrs. Keep us posted.

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