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Map of The Best Thing I Ever Ate locations

Map of all the restaurants featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” along with contact info and directions. The official blurb of the show is:

Ever wonder what the biggest food stars and chefs eat in their free time when they’re paying? Find out on The Best Thing I Ever Ate! It’s the ultimate guide to the country’s most amazing meals, eats, and treats as told by the pros who spend their lives obsessing over food.

Update: Check out my new site to easily find restaurants from the Best Thing I Ever Ate and other Food Network shows in a single place. Designed for both PC and mobile (iPhone, Android) use.

Since a good number of these restaurants are in the Bay Area I decided to make the following map of all their restaurants that will keep updating it as the show progresses. Click here to view the map in a full screen view along with a list of all the restaurants and their dishes. This should help all you foodies out there plan your trips accordingly – personally I think I’m going to start with the ones in the Bacon episode πŸ˜€

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You can also check out my maps of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Throwdown with Bobby Flay

Update (21-July-2009): I got a call from David Hoffman who produces the show thanking me for making this mashup and they have now posted it on the official The Best Thing I Ever Ate blog. πŸ˜€

Update: Check out my new site to easily find restaurants from the Best Thing I Ever Ate and other Food Network shows in a single place. Designed for both PC and mobile (iPhone, Android) use.

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Thank you so much for making this! It’s a great idea and you did such a great job. I’m definitely going to check out your other maps as well.

You are wonderful for making this map! It is a fabulous idea. Thank you for your hard work πŸ™‚ .

Um are you married? because if you’re not, I’m interested. Any man who cares enough about this biz to make a map is a man worth feeding my cooking everyday πŸ™‚ lol

I about LOVE you for this. Send a complaint to the Food Network a while back asking why they didnt have something like this.

Thanks for the reminder Dog – I was on vacation and didn’t realise the show had restarted. It is now correct till Episode 0204 (salty Goodness) and I will keep on updating as new episodes air.

This map is a great idea and I’ll certainly be using it…

That being said….

Some of these locations aren’t correct, at least in NYC. For example, the Spotted Pig, which I frequent, is certainly not in Brooklyn. It’s in Manhattan. There are a couple others in Brooklyn as well that should be in Manhattan.

Regardless…nice map.

Awesome, planning a trip to new York, now I can find some of the great places I have seen about on Food Network. Thanks Again!!!!!!


Thanks for letting me know about the spotted Pig. I’ve fixed the issue
– looks like my automated scraping script had a bug in it. Do
let me know if you find any other incorrect ones.


Hi – great map! But i noticed an issue (well not an issue, just a ‘tag’ missing)… under Seattle you only have Lola restaurant there, However Tango Restaurant & Lounge states that “…the El Diablo dessert which was featured on the Food Network television show, Sugar Rush!”

THUS – there should be 2 items on the map for Seattle, WA


You have enhanced our trip to NYC ! Every morning we bring up your map and plan our menu for the day!

My friend and I spent the weekend in NYC trying to visit as many places aas we could from “Best Thing I Ever Ate” and were total foodzies..EXTREMELY disappointed with Balthazar, don’t get me wrong the staff was very kind it was the clientel that was RUDE…2 drinks and an order of the fries from the Crunchy episode put us back $65 before tip…Guess you need to work the the Food Network to afford it…We wanted the 24 layer chocolate cake from the Strip House but were afraid we couldn’t afford it…

Can’t say enough about Rice to Riches and Levain Bakery…my god…incredible…Just said love…

McClures pickles that Ted Allen spoke about on the Crunchy episode so lived up to what he said…Freshness, crunch and unbelievable flavor…If you can’t get to Brooklyn for them you can get them at Murray’s Chesse Shop on Bleeker in the Village…fyi…should be on BestThing I Ever Ate…

There needs to be cheese episode, appetizer episde something that the people who watch food can afford even if only a day in the city…

Better yet…Not everyone ships and that might be a HUGE get….

The best thing I have ever ate -cheese. I’m trying to find the name of the restrautant in Los Angeles which had the best French Onion soup.

Thank you

you missed Serious Pie @ Seattle!

Tyler Florence – Roasted Chanterelles Truffle Cheese Pizza – Serious Pie
316 Virginia St.
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 838-7388


Thanks for letting me know. Looks like food network has updated their website with some new restaurant information to season 1. I’ve updated the map to include all the new places as well as the names of the choosing chefs.

OMG, thank you so much for doing this! When I travel I usually hunt the restaurants from the show and its sooo time consuming! This is awesome! You ROCK!!

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for the idea & work you’ve put in! I just watched the show w/ my mom and wanted to check online for some sort of list and found this at #1 spot on Google. Tremendous job! We plan on hitting up a lot of the ones in NYC : )

Such a great idea, I will be using this when I plan my New England trip. Thanks so much.

Wow, I can not even begin to thank you for taking the time to put this together. I have written note after note to the Food Network asking them to do the same thing… YOU ROCK!!!!

This is so great! Thanks for doing this!

I did notice you didn’t have Umberto’s Pizza at 633 Jericho Tpke. on there. It was featured on The Best Thing I Ever Ate~Last Supper. Rocco Disperito chose their pizza.

On… Brother’s Pizzeria, Midland Park, NJ is NOT the pizzeria that was featured on Throwdown. The one from Throwdown is in Staten Island, NYC, NY.

Thanks for compiling such a great list. I’ve e-mailed the Food Network several times asking them to feature one of Anton Pasnaik’s places. His new restaurant Nine Thirty is beautifully designed with great food ( I’d also like to see them do more places in Los Angeles.

Thank you so much for doing all this prep. What a great idea, and a wonderful execution!

this info is great, I wish it was available for every city. I travel a lot and love to go places I see featured on food network, but there is no central website to search for places.

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