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The best Lemons video EVER!!!

Craig from Group of Fools (Car #9) contacted me a few days ago saying that he had some on-track video from his car that included our car and asked me if I’d like a copy. After being deafened by my “Hell YES!!” he mailed me a DVD with a 10 minute video clip of their car following us around the track.

The following video merges 3 video streams for your viewing pleasure. The top and bottom camera views are from our car (#56 White BMW with a wing)). The camera in the center is from Group of Foolz (#9 Maroon BMW with a baby seat on the top). The video starts with me coming out of the pits to start my Saturday stint and by the 40 second mark you can see the #9 car right on my rear bumper. They then follow us around the track as we both go through slower traffic until they finally pit after about 10 minutes.

Major thanks to both #9 Group of Foolz for sending me the video and ChaseCam for giving us the video setup we used in our car.

3 camera action from the 24 Hours of Lemons from rnair on Vimeo.

#56 SFF1 (us)

#9 Group of Foolz (with baby seat :-))

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