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Rockets Away!

Last weekend I was lucky enough to see an Atlas V rocket launch from Vandenburg AFB. We are all jaded from seeing things on video every day but I highly recommend watching a launch if you ever get a chance – it is a spectacular event and being a night launch we got a much better perspective on just how bright the exhaust gets.

More info and a much better video is available at SpaceFlightNow.… Read the rest

Autocrossing the Hellcat

Last weekend I autocrossed the Hellcat for the very first time at the GGLC AutoX in Marina. Unfortunately it was a very, very tight course which meant that I had no chance to really put the power down. My best time (below) was a 51.4 while the Elise’s were getting down in the 46-47 range.

This is definitely not something I will do again though I still do want to take it at a track day where it should do much better as they usually dont have too many rapid direction changes. Also I wish Dodge had a mode to see the current gear in big central display, the current display is so tiny that I cant really keep track of the paddle selected gear in the rapid fire autocross environment – another thing that should be better on track.… Read the rest