24 Hours of Lemons

The Pink Pig returns

Pink Pig at Reno

Running its first competitive race after 28 years, the Porsche 917/20 “Pink Pig” made a triumphant return to endurance racing at the Reno event of 24 Hours of Lemons vintage racing series. A lack of power at altitude combined with niggling fuel and wheels meant that the car could not compete on outright pace and instead had to depend on strategy to make its way up the field. Ultimately the Formula BMW team fell just short and had to settle for a class win and 5th overall instead of the overall victory they were aiming for.

Class win at Lemons Reno

The Formula BMW team has since been working hard on upgrading the car and fixing the fuel issues. With the next race being run at sea level, the turbo cars will no longer have an advantage and Pink Pig will finally be able to compete on raw pace as well as race strategy. All race fans are invited to come out and support the Formula BMW team and the “Pink Pig” as they go for an overall win at the Buttonwillow event of the 24 Hours of LeMons racing series.

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