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Zenos Factory Tour

During our our trip to the UK as part of the 2016 GGLC UK Lotus Trip, we were able to get a tour of the Zenos factory in Wymondham. If you havent heard of it before, Zenos Cars was founded in 2012 by Ansar Ali and MarkEdwards who had both spent time at Lotus and Caterham. I was lucky enough to attend the US unveiling of the Zenos E10S and was very impressed with what I saw. It struck me as an equivalent of the Lotus 211 and had significantly better fit and finish than the average Caterham I have seen in the US.… Read the rest

Lotus Management on the Future of Lotus (GGLC Exclusive Interviews)

Cross-posting the interviews I conducted for the GGLC at the LA Auto Show and originally posted on the GGLC blog:

GGLC attended the North America launch of the new Lotus range at the LA Auto Show and got a chance to speak to senior management about their plans for Lotus and the challenges in launching 5 new cars in a short span of time. Short descriptions of the interviews and their major points are below but we recommend you watch the actual videos to get a sense about the future direction of Lotus

First up we spoke to Dany Bahar, the CEO of Group Lotus about his vision for the future of the company and why they were launching so many cars in such a short timeframe.… Read the rest

GGLC Membership Map

I originally posted this on the Golden Gate Lotus Club blog but figured I should cross post it here as well.

A few days ago I received the latest GGLC Memberhip roster in the mail (if you have not gotten one please contact David Anderson (ggmail AT gglotus DOT org) to update your postal address) and was fascinated to see the large number of cities that our members are spread over. After talking it over with a few folks at our last monthly meeting I hacked together the following map of club members:

View Larger Map

Each marker on the map represents a zipcode that has at least one GGLC member.

Read the rest

Health benefits of Autocrossing

At the last GGLC autocross Alex and I decided to try out a little experiment to see how your heart rate changes during the race. We used a Polar S720i to record his heart rate, an iPhone for video and a DL1 data logger to record G-force and speed readings. I used some simple PHP magic to sync the two data files together and used the Chasecam Dashware system to create this finished video.

You can see the speed, heart rate (BPM), longitudinal G (acceleration + braking) and lateral G in the dashboard on the top of the video. His average heart rate was in the low nineties while on the grid and rises to to 101 just before the start of the run.… Read the rest



I just won the first race of the inaugural GGLC Winter Karting series. We had some 25+ folks shop up at LeMans Karting in Fremont for a fun afternoon of pizza, karting and a little competition. After a series of 10 heat races we were split into 3 semi-finals which were won by Jordan, Jay and me respectively. However because I started the lowest in my semi, I was on pole for the finals with Jordan and Jay right behind me. I knew that both of them were about half a second a lap faster than me which meant that I had no chance of beating them on pure pace.… Read the rest

2nd fastest time of the day

My prize for the second fastest time of the day at the opening GGLC Autocross of the season.

My prize for the second fastest time of the day

I ran a 53.139 and was only beaten by a race-prepped Evo running slicks. The prizes did not include the instructors times though I was actually faster than all but 3 (Jason and Alex on RA1s and Rob on slicks) of them as well. My goal for the season is to beat Alex with the added incentive that I will be upgraded to instructor if I do – seeing that I already beat his time in the morning session yesterday I am pretty confident I can do it again.… Read the rest

GGLC Autocross

Some in-car video from yesterdays GGLC autocross in Marina.

The first video is my fast lap for the day. I don’t slow enough after the slalom and understeer into a cone. I still end up doing a 40.1 (+1).

Fast lap from rnair on Vimeo.

The second video is from my last run of the day where I am sideways on at least 3 occasions. It was a slow run (41.6), but great fun nonetheless 😀

A very sideways lap from rnair on Vimeo.

The last video is Nithyas best run (46.5) of the day in the GTI. For someone who almost backed out of her first event, she is becoming very good at this.… Read the rest

3 wheeling GTI

Last weekend Nithya and I took our GTI to the GGLC Autocross at the Marina airport. The performance far exceeded my expectations and at 61.7 seconds I was actually the 3rd fastest driver in very wet morning session (the fastest Elise did a 64.x). Much of this was due to the fact that it had proper wet weather tires on, but the handling was pretty amazing – very predictable with some understeer at the limit. It did of course feel quite a bit heavier than the Elise but the direction changes were quick and chassis was very forgiving. As the track dried out I lost my performance advantage over the elises but as you can see in the photo I did manage to get a wheel off the ground 😀

3 wheeling GTI
Photo by norcalturbo

This was also the first Autcross for Nithya as a driver.… Read the rest

Track day #3 (GGLC – Laguna Seca) [Orig posted: 27/02/2006]

Laguna Seca telemetry

The picture was generated using GPS readings that I took at one of my track sessions. As you can see I really need to get some more confidence and put in some consisten lines through turns 8-10. I am taking the corkscrew (turn 8) pretty well for a beginner but turns 9 and 10 are confidence turns and I just dont have that confidence in me and my car yet.

I am starting to get a hang of it and my lines did improve quite a bit over the course of the day. Jason (Enigma on Elisetalk) took me out for a session in his Elise which showed me what the car can do.… Read the rest