GeoRSS Maker is a mashup that allows you to quickly and easlily create GeoRSS files by automatically extracting location coordinate from and Wikipedia. When you enter a search term and press the "Search" button, GeoRSS maker first contacts the Geonames webservice and returns the top 5 results that match the query. If there are no results it searches Wikipedia (using another geonames webservice) for geocoded articles that match the search term. All results are shown along with links to the originating website as well as Google and Yahoo maps of that location. Once you have verified the location from the description and/or links, just hit the "Add (Item)" button to add the item to the GeoRSS displayed on the bottom of the page. You can do multiple searches and individually add items to the output RSS. After all the items have been added just copy and paste the GeoRSS into a separate file and save it with the extension .xml or .rss. Advanced users can use the category field to set the category of the output GeoRSS items (this was mainly done because TagMaps uses the category field as a size parameter). The "Clear" button will erase all the search results as well as reset the GeoRSS output.
Disclaimer: This is a mashup with no guarantees - use at you own risk. For more information on how it works please check out my original blog post.

Enter an landmark/location to search for (Golden gate bridge, London, Paris, etc...):
Output category: (sets the category on the output RSS - leave blank if you dont know what this means)
Output GeoRSS
<?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>
<rss version="2.0" xmlns:geo="">
<title>GeoRSS maker</title>
<description>Read more at</description>