Rahul Nair



I am a software engineer working on a personal startup at the moment. This website is no longer updated - for more info about my professional career please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I graduated from the HCI masters program at the Graphics Visualization & Usability Center, in the Georgia Institute of Technology. While at Georgia Tech I was a graduate research assistant for my advisor, Dr. Elizabeth Mynatt, in the Everyday Computing Lab, as well as a Research Intern at Ricoh Innovations, Inc. After graduating, I spent some time at the Panasonic Wireless Design Center before moving to the Garage Cinema Research Group in UC Berkeley. As a member of the Mobile Media Metadata (MMM) project, I developed ways to leverage contextual metadata collected at a group event to to infer information about both the event and the attendees.

I also spent 5 years at Yahoo! working in a varienty of divisions including Yahoo! Research Berkeley, Yahoo! Mobile and Yahoo! Integrated Consumer Experiences. The main public facing projects from my time at Yahoo! are Zonetag, TagMaps and Zurfer.

I most recently spent 2+ years as a researcher/prototyper in the Early Stage Product group within the Online Services Division at Microsoft.

To learn more about my past projects please visit my LinkedIn profile or resume. My blog is avalable here.

Research Interests
  • Context-aware computing
  • Adaptive interfaces
  • Human-Computer Interaction